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Image and video quality issues
Image and video quality issues

Quality degradation causes and resolution paths

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When using TwicPics, you may occasionally notice a degradation in the quality of images or videos. This can be caused by various factors, and understanding them is crucial to ensuring optimal asset quality. Let's explore the possible reasons and their resolutions.

Possible Causes of Quality Degradation

  1. Default manipulation

    Ensure you haven't set any default manipulation in your path settings that might unintentionally reduce quality.

  2. Original asset quality and resolution

    The quality of the images output by TwicPics relies on quality of the original images that we will be optimised. Pre-compressed or low-resolution originals can negatively impact output. We recommend testing output quality with higher-quality assets in input.
    For optimal results, consult our guidelines on the best formats for original inputs: Recommended Format for Original Images (Master Image as Input).

  3. User Context

    Remember, when leverage our script or components, TwicPics adjust rendering based on the user's context. This means quality could vary depending on the device used. In particular, TwicPics optimizes according to:

    • DPR (Retina) Detection: Image quality may differ based on the device's pixel density.

    • Save Data Mode: If a user's Android device has the "Save Data" mode activated, TwicPics will compress the image more to save data.

    We recommend testing asset quality with various devices and user-context. To check your device's screen DPR and resolution, you can use this tool: Screen Resolution Test.

Solutions to Improve Image Quality

  1. Enhance Original Assets: To achieve optimal results, ensure the original assets stored on your servers are of high quality and resolution. Review our guidance on this topic: Recommended Format for Original Images (Master Image as Input).

  2. Tweak Compression Settings: If you believe the compression from TwicPics is affecting the image quality, consider adjusting the compression settings for a better balance between size and quality. Learn more here: How to Adjust Image Quality.


While TwicPics aims for the best balance between optimization and quality, various factors can influence image and video quality. By understanding these factors and taking corrective action, you can ensure that your assets are delivered in the best possible quality. If further assistance is needed, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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