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Recommended format for original images (master image as input)
Recommended format for original images (master image as input)

A list of specifications (dimensions and resolutions) for the original images you want to optimize with TwicPics to ensure best quality.

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The quality of the images output by TwicPics is related to the quality of the original images that we will optimize. The better the quality of your images, the better TwicPics will be able to deliver high-quality images.

We recommend providing high quality and uncompressed images as input

  1. We recommend storing and providing images with a resolution at least 2 times higher than the maximum size at which they will be displayed (size of the largest container) to allow optimal display quality on Retina screens. Ideally, HD images from 1000 to 2000 pixels wide and up to 3000 pixels wide for banners.

    ie : If your product images are displayed in containers up to 600 pixels wide on the site, you must provide at least 1200px wide images.

  2. Store and provide images that are not or only slightly compressed (95+), meaning images that are 1 to a few MB in size. Compression of master/original images is often the most "worsening" factor because TwicPics also applies compression to the images.

Regarding the input format, one format is sufficient, we support JPG/JPEG/PNG/WEBP. We recommend high-quality JPEG (HD resolution, quality 95+ as mentioned above).
You can also use a full-color lossless PNG. We do not recommend WEBP as this format tends to dilute colors a bit.

Note that TwicPics preserves transparency for transparent PNG and webP.

⚠️ there are still upper limits of 20MB and 36 million pixels (width*height) not to be exceeded for input. Read our images limitation for more information.

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