Passthrough feature

Use TwicPics as a stand Content deliver Network (CDN) to deliver any type of assets (JS, CSS, PDF...) different that images and videos.

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⚠️ The passthrough feature is deactivated by default on all path created after November 23, 2023. Path created before this date have the feature activated.

What is the passthrough feature

TwicPics passthrough feature allow you to use TwicPics to deliver any type of asset, different than images and videos, in their original format.
These assets include javascript (JS), cascading style sheets (CSS), documents (PDF), HTML etc...

When passthrough is activated, TwicPics will act as a standard Content Delivery Network (CDN), assets different from images and videos will be delivered as is from your origin server:



images & videos

✅ Delivered & optimized

✅ Delivered & optimized

other types of assets

✅ Delivered as is
(no transformation or optimization)

❌ HTTP 415 error response code

How to activate the passthrough feature.

The passthrough feature is located in the advanced options of the path configuration.

The passthrough can be individually activated and deactivated on each path created:

Once passthrough is activated on a path, TwicPics will authorized distribution of any type of asset from that specific path, as long as it fits within the input sizing limits.

Best practices with passthrough

  • When your source URL is your website domain: use a specific source URL folder for path with passthrough activated.

    We strongly discourage you to activate passthrough on a path that uses the root domain of your website as the source URL. Instead, make sure to indicate a specific folder:

    Source url:

    This will prevent all your assets on your domain from going public. This will also prevent the HTML pages of your website from being accessible via TwicPics URLs and getting indexed by search engine bots (which can harm your SEO).

  • Control your assets and their original size when using the passthrough feature

    TwicPics does not transform or optimize files other than images and videos. Consequently, these files are delivered to your end-users in their original size. This can lead to high bandwidth consumption for which TwicPics cannot be held responsible. We remind you that the bandwidth of assets delivered in passthrough are invoiced in the same way as your images and videos.

Deactivate the passthrough feature

To deactivate the passthrough feature, simply return in the advanced options of your path(s), untick the box in front of the passthrough section and save your path.

💡 Cache invalidation might be needed after the deactivation of the passthrough feature to take the deactivation into account.

Reminder: By default, the passthrough feature is deactivated on all path created since November 23, 2023.

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