Manage users on a workspace

Learn how to add, edit role or remove users on a specific workspace.

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Managing users

You can manage users from the Users page of your workspace:

βœ‹ Users page is only available to User, Admin and Owner roles.

Your possible actions will be restricted based on your current role.

Adding users

You can add a user by clicking on the Invite user button on the Users page of your workspace:

Then fill in the informations and select a role (don't forget to hit the Invite button):

The invited user will receive a notification email to create an account and join your workspace.

If a user already owns an account with the entered email address, he will receive a notification and be instantly added to the workspace while keeping the name he chose when signing up.

You can view and cancel any pending invitations below the user list:

To increase your user limit

If you need to increase your user limit, you can upgrade your plan on the billing page - in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the panel.
For specific needs, please contact us here.

Remove users

You can remove a user by clicking on the remove button πŸ—‘οΈ, next to the user name, on the Users page of your workspace:

Then will be asked to confirm the deletion:

A confirmation window will be displayed after confirmation:

πŸ’‘ After removal, the user's account will continue to exist and can be reused for other projects.

Edit the role of a user

You can edit the role of a user by clicking on the edit button ✏️ on the User page of your workspace:

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