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How to make a Path Cache Purge request?
How to make a Path Cache Purge request?

Learn how to purge (invalidate) specific assets for the CDN cache while keeping other cached assets unchanged.

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Feature access

Path purge feature is available for Enterprise Plans. See how to enable the CDN cache purge.

Perform a Path cache purge request

You can invalidate all assets deliver for a specific path via the TwicPics dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace and choose the domain for which you want to invalidate the cache.

  2. Hit the "..." button in front of the path you want to purge and select path cache purge button.

  3. Hit the Purge assets button to confirm your path cache purge request.

  4. Congratulations! Your assets are being invalidated.

Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes to clear assets from all the CDN nodes and cache layers of our servers.

⚠️ If you continue to see an invalidated asset in your browser, it may be saved in your browser cache. Try opening an incognito window or clearing your browser cache.

The history of cache purges performed in the last 7 days is available under the URL insertion area.

💡 Best practices to avoid cache invalidation

Whenever you are updating a visual asset, we recommend updating its corresponding URL too. By doing so, you avoid having to handle cache invalidations altogether.

However, if it is not possible or desirable to change the URL of an asset, you can consider adding a query string of versioning.


Using this technique, assets will be invalidated from both the CDN and the browser caches.

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