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How to authenticate to an AWS S3 bucket
How to authenticate to an AWS S3 bucket

Learn how to create a path that retrieves assets on a S3 bucket via AWS Signature V4 authentication.

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1. Create a bucket

2. Upload your images on your bucket

3. Retrieve your access key

On AWS console, go to security credentials page in the upper right drop-down menu :

Scroll down to access keys and create a new access key :

4. Find the URL of your bucket

Retrieve an URL of one of your assets :

Your S3 bucket URL is the root domain of the URL of your assets :

5. Create your path in TwicPics back-office

6. Start delivering your assets through TwicPics

Exemple of asset URL you want to deliver with TwicPics :

Replace your S3 bucket URL by your TwicPics domain to optimize the asset with TwicPics :

Congratulations your S3 bucket is now connected to TwicPics! πŸŽ‰

7. Start integrate your images on your website

You can now start integrate your images on your website :

  • Using our Components for JS frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Angular...)

  • using TwicPics script in HTML5 :

    <!-- Include TwicPics script in head or before </body> tag : <script async defer src=""></script> --> 

    <img data-twic-src="image:favicon-256+(1).png">

    Quick start Guide and Documentation here :

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